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Luda, the clinic owner, is a totally commited professional. When you try to describe your condition she would request a permission to describe what hurts and to diagnose it herself. Her diagnosis is 100% correct.
I have to continuously sit at my PC, and have developed severe neck and shoulder pain. My muscles stiffened and I had no relief. The pain and suffering were intolerable. A friend of mine warmly recommended "Luda" Clinic; I followed her recommendation and was not disappointed. As soon as the first session finished – I already felt a significant relief, and was able to return to normal functionality
My husband and I have been in a traffic accident. I was diagnosed with a disc eruption and a vacuum in pelvic joint. My husband has a lower back disc eruption that was worsened by the accident. He was treated with epidural anesthesia. Now, he attends underwater spinal cord extension therapy and physical exercise in water at Luda. He benefits greatly from these treatments, and has regained his to normal live thanks to Luda.
I suffered a severe pzialis; once the doctors gave up on my case - I found Luda online. Then I discovered that Luda is a well known and recommended clinic in the area. I turned to Luda for help. A series of treatments, including electrotherapy, facial exercise, massage and reflexology, have really helped my to overcome my disease. I warmly recommend "Luda" Clinic!
I've started to work out at a gym and after a couple of month I've experienced light clicks in my knees during fast movement or a heavy load. Luckily, I followed a recommendation to turn to "Luda" Clinic for help. After a number of treatments all the symptoms were gone!
I'm Tzipy, 56. I used to suffer general weakness, feet and thigh pains, for years. The only thing that helps to keep me functioning is a continuous weekly treatment at Luda. The therapy includes magnetic needles, vacuum, spinal stretch and a lot of underwater bicycle excercise. I wish to warmly thank Luda for her loving professional treatment!
Luda – my saving angel! Some 18 months ago I was injured in an accident. A disc eruption caused acute back pain, weakness and arm numbness. I used to feel weak and sleepy during the day. Conventional physiotherapy had not improved my condition, and the doctors recommended a surgery. Once I've met Luda, we discovered a neck problem; after a second session of therapy I already felt a significant improvement. Until today I have not met anyone so devoted to her patients, so professional and passionate about her work! Luda – you are amazing! Thank you so much.
I was referred to Luda by my Chinese medicine doctor. I came to Luda with a severely herniated disc (at L4 into the lateral fossa). I couldnt stand or walk for more than a few seconds, and felt like a shark was eating my left thigh (radiating femoral nerve root pain). I came to Luda leaning on and supported by my wife, crying while I shuffled along, in agony. Within several treatments I was beginning to have hope of being mobile again. I continued coming to Luda regularly for 10 months. I had been told by four orthopedic doctors to do surgery immediately. A year later (without surgery) I look back and can honestly say that Luda and her team saved me. Luda also manages to mix her professional treatments with a good measure of humor, very necessary in such terrible situations.
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