Every medical procedure must begin with an accurate diagnosis. In many cases, the diagnosis is the most difficult part of the process. Inaccurate diagnosis can easily lead to wrong treatment. Treating the symptom without treating the cause would provide temporary relief at best. Bio-Control brings a proven solution to Israel, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the American FDA and the European Union CE, for diagnosing and treating a wide variety of symptoms and medical issues. These computerized diagnostic devices enable effective, accurate and reliable diagnosis of most of the common medical problems.

The following results may be achieved:

At Bio-Control clinics we offer clients of all ages analysis and solutions to most medical symptoms and problems, using computerized, non-invasive scanning devices that are quick and accurate. Accurate diagnoses are made with some of the most advanced computerized devices in the world, which are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the American FDA and the European CE. The variety of services that Bio-Control clinics provide includes nutritional consultation, reflexology, acupuncture, massage therapy, weight loss programs and more, all tailored to your personal need. The MSAS Vantage device is the most advanced of its kind, delivering rapid, accurate and reliable diagnosis of the source of the patient’s problems and a recommendation for both short- and long-term treatment protocols - within 20 minutes at most. The system contains an up-to-date database containing the electromagnetic signatures of tens of thousands of substances, through which we can identify the source of sensitivity or allergy and recommend the appropriate treatment. The assessment process is quick, easy and non-intrusive.

The MSAS Vantage device is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the American FDA and European Union CE.

MSAS Vantage advantages:

•The newest of the MSAS devices •Computer-integrated (built in) - no need for an external computer •Clinically proven maximum level of accuracy •Equipped with EPIC sensor and the advanced BIOREP program •Training, warranty and on-going support provided by Bio-Control •Feasible, economical and highly recommended for every therapist.

What do we diagnose?

Bio-control’s innovative devices enable diagnosis and identification of imbalance in the body, which can cause various problems. Here are some of the symptoms and problems we treat (detection, identification. • Abdominal pain • Acne • Acne (children) • ADHD • Allegry to Chemicals • Allegry to environmental factors • Allergy to cosmetics • Allergy to drugs • Allergy to food and drink • Allergy to radiation • Arthritis • Asthma • Atopic dermatitis / Eczema • Attention deficit disorders • Bronchitis (chronic) • Candida • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) • Colitis • Constipation • Cough (chronic) • Crohn’s disease • Depression • Diarrhea • Ear infections (chronic) • Environmental allergies • Fear • Fibromyalgia • Food allergies (children) • Gas • Headache • Heartburn • Hormonal imbalance • Hyperactivity • Hyperactivity (children) • Infertility • Irregular menstrual cycle • Irritable bowel syndrome • Lack of appetite / Overeating • Lack of peace of mind • Menstrual cramps • Mental stress • Nervous stomach • Osteoporosis • Overweight • Parasites • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) • Problems associated with adolescence • Psoriasis • Sinusitis (chronic) • Skin and nail fungus • Skin irritation • Skin rash (children) • Skin Rashes • Sleep disorders • Typical menopause symptoms • Underweight • Vaginal dryness, discharge and irritation • Vaginal infections • Vaginal yeast infection (chronic) • Various joint pains.
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