Underwater spinal cord extension

Underwater spinal cord extension

Mivtza Moshe 30, Ashkelon

The course of treatment spans 6 to 10, 30 minutes sessions.

The procedure is performed in a pool filled with 34 C water.
The patient performs special exercises under instructor’s close guidance and supervision.

These involve static and dynamic stretching of the spine and improve blood circulation.

Since the patient is submerged in warm water, his weight changes, and spine vertebrae and inter-vertebral discs can gradually return to the correct position.

Weightlessness helps to reduce pain and decrease stress on joints; the nerves clip extending from the spinal column first weakens and then disappears.

The training of muscles and spine area in water will support the vertebrae in the correct position
In conjunction with other procedures, vertical baths have a positive impact not only on the back, but the whole human body.
The treatment can restore feedback between the central nervous system and organs.

The human brain is able to restore proper monitoring of body activities, and many diseases can be healed by our own organism.

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